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The challenge

Fungal diseases annually diminish the productivity of the world's five primary crops by a staggering 125 million tons.

Resistance and climate change are two of the main causes.

Current chemical and biological solutions exhibit limitations in addressing fungal resistance and minimizing environmental impact.

Our approach

We produce bio-nanoparticles through a novel process using microorganisms as nanofactories. Sourced from the pristine Las Yungas jungle, our bio-nanoparticles are inspired by a balanced microorganism ecosystem.

By combining nanotechnology with microbiology we developed a process to obtain eco friendly and efficient bio-nanoparticles  for agriculture.

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We have developed a process to induce the metabolism of our microorganisms. Therefore obtaining several molecules which give our bio-nanofungicides its unique characteristics.

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Final product

Our final product is a bio-nanofungicide featuring an inorganic core and a biological coating. This innovative solution is the first of its kind to offer a multifaceted effect, providing antimicrobial, adjuvant, and plant defense-stimulating properties.

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Performance & safety

We tested our product on several crops, such as sugarcane, soybean and wheat.

For soybean crops, our bio-nanofungicide outperformed traditional pesticides while lowering the amount of active ingredient by 900 times.

Our product is environmentally friendly throughout its production and application, ensuring safety for plants, soil microbiome, and humans.

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Designed to neutralize pathogen resistance development

Extended shelf life

+12 field assays across various regions in Argentina

New products on track, ongoing assays of bio-nanofertilizers

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Our Founding Team

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Cintia Romero
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Jose S. Dávila Costa
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Franco Ciaffone

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